Tearing Down the “Wall of Belief”

We commonly turn to beliefs for answers when the world “does things” to us that cause us to feel personal fears. Beliefs give the illusion of control, which makes us feel better. Thousands of times over a lifetime we turn to our beliefs for comfort. We justify, bury, or avoid certain pains or fears by buying into the stories of our beliefs. If and when we eventually want to truly question our beliefs someday, we often find then that we cannot, because questioning them would mean tearing down the wall we had built to protect ourselves from what we didn’t want to feel in the first place. It can be difficult- and even completely terrifying- to finally face the fear that we originally needed the help of beliefs to avoid fully feeling.

As two brief examples: if you are afraid of being (feeling) worthless, perhaps you have adopted a belief that your actions or affiliations give you worth. If you are afraid of dying, perhaps you have embraced a belief in a prescribed afterlife. Typically, we each have many examples of such beliefs that we have erected over a lifetime. In fact, over time our core beliefs end up becoming so deeply rooted that they do not appear to us to be beliefs anymore, but rather they appear to be fundamental characteristics of reality itself!

Yet in fact, the “Big Picture” reality exists firmly beyond personal beliefs. As stark and unforgiving as this current constraint-set of physical reality may seem at times, truly it is subordinate to the greater reality of love, peace, and bliss! That is true even if we don’t see it in our current level of awareness. Thus, if we are willing to leave the comfort of our beliefs and walk through the opaque hellfire of our fears to experience exactly “What Is,” we have the opportunity to reach true relief and joy. It may take incredible personal courage and humility to do so, but such are some of the most exciting and rewarding challenges to the spirit!

So be brave, and be hopeful, and when you feel you are ready, know that you are free to tear down those walls where you find them. For you exist firmly beyond the concepts of your local identity, and ultimately you have nothing to fear by challenging them.

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