Not One Ounce of Pain is Wasted

Reality is efficient. All things occur within “divine laws” that have been established from inconceivable wisdom and love! That includes experiences of hardship and pain. As difficult as it can be for us to understand, pain too is meaningful, and ultimately has an important role that serves lasting love and joy.

How can this be? How can terrible pain and misery exist within love? What purpose can it possibly serve? While this is very difficult to speak to from the human perspective, there are three important points we may consider.

First, the experience of contrast creates a distance into which the fullness of the Joy of Being may expand. Everything “negative” serves as a point of contrast to help establish the experientially known depths of what is “positive.” In other words, love can be better known, forever, when the spirit has actually known and understood separation from love.

Second, “negative” experience, even when unanticipated, offers a “counter-pressure opportunity” for the spirit to exercise loving or brave choice-making through. Put as a very crude metaphor, if you can play the video game on a harder difficulty level, you develop mastery very quickly and can then later apply that mastery in other games (other realities) in other ways. The counter-pressure of challenge enables us to expand our capacity for expressing and actualizing love.

Third, by experiencing challenge, the whole system ends up “discovering novelty” within itself and adding potential. Creative manifestation begets more creative manifestation. Put another way, even in apparent destruction, more things become possible than may otherwise have been possible.

All three of these ultimately serve lasting love and joy! Indeed, in the perfect balance of What Is, not one ounce of pain is wasted- for even when we cannot see it, every element of our experience, including our pain, is a precious and meaningful part of the great love-threaded tapestry of Creation.

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