Your Soul’s “JOB”

The soul’s JOB is the Joy Of Being! There is nothing else required of the soul- it only needs to exist, and then flourish the beauty and bliss of that existence in a multitude of ways!

We are bold in how we create. We are so bold that we have embarked upon this great journey of the human condition. We are so free, and so powerful, and so loved, that we have decided to exercise our Beingness to new depths by experiencing almost complete separation. And now that we are here, many of us have come to take this experience quite seriously.

But beneath the seriousness and the pain, the soul has no restrictions, no requirements, and no hardship. The soul is free in love! The soul ever-burns with the joy and bliss of Being!

You are soul- so that is true of you, too. You do not need to fret or fear: you only need to be. Your only job is to exist in the radiant joy of what you are, and to share that joy richly with all other parts of the One!

Your job then is to exist, to experience joy, and to love! There are no other true requirements of you. And when your mind says otherwise, be brave and bold enough to find the beliefs you are holding that “prove” that to you. Those beliefs are, in an ultimate sense, untrue. Yes, we must strive to do our part in our local world in a practical way, to care for those who need us and to perform the many daily actions of life. But that can be done through the freedom of being that is already ours, and not only as a struggle against the weight of responsibility. Any belief in shame, or fear, or powerlessness is ultimately untrue. It is only when we buy into the illusions of those perceptions- when we wrap our true selves up in those negative beliefs and self-perceptions- that we, because of those beliefs, feel something is required of us to return to wholeness.

We never left; our true job never changed. The Joy Of Being is all that we must do, and even as we perform our many meaningful roles in the human drama, the Isness that we are dwells firmly in joy beneath all the requirements that our local self may have put upon it.

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