Love is the Absolute Foundation

Love is always the foundation upon which all is built. There is not one process that did not begin in love and will not end in love.

The truth is not hard or cold, ever. The truth always falls back to love. If something appears hard or cold, it is an appearance. Appearances can last a long time; appearances can seem very real as we buy into them and believe our own interpretations about them. We only have the power to do so because we are a part of the One sovereign consciousness, and we can choose to even deeply experience a temporary interpretation for a while. But the greater truth, the ever-lasting unshakable bedrock of all of existence, is love! Freedom, joy, and love is the true root of all creation.

Every single thing always, always occurs as a result of the unfathomable depths of unconditional love giving rise to it. Reality systems come and go, complex patterns in the tapestry spun out of love, and spun because of love. The tapestry may contain horrifying images; but no more than the greatness of love that gave rise to them and expands its own creative depths even through them.

We are free to buy into our interpretations of less-than-love. We are so free we can do even that. But we cannot ever truly escape the truth of the freedom, joy, and love of our own being. Even as we take temporary experiential sojourns seemingly far away from that freedom and joy, we are still within it. Love cannot be overcome, and we are love- so what shall we fear?

One thought on “Love is the Absolute Foundation

  • Thank you, Christian! Yes, so true….this “ground of being” so to speak, is, in as an through all dynamic energy arising and not separate from this shine of coming and going.

    My realization, trust, reliance in this in all circumstances in the moment of their appearance, disappearance, impermanence…we have “freedom in the immediacy of perceiving.” This is how this experience is a heaven on earth…equal and even in this ground of all multiverses.

    Well I may not consciously know all multiverses now….but this one moment is a miraculous show…it is what’s happening.

    I like the phrase “all data are auspicious.”

    I add to that myself…”if I think the data is suspicious 😂….be in, as and through it…familiarize myself with the energy no matter what it is without trying to change it to auspicious….trust it’s presence…and it always turns out to be auspicious because there truly is “nothing of a different kind.” Sat chit ananda. It’s all equally and evenly this love in all its show and shimmer.

    We’re on the same page and it is a pleasure to live…still with all dynamic energy and states of being, pain, wrath, joy, etc. but it is all subsumed in the one “happiness” or “love.” We find through direct experience that we can rely on it.

    Thank you, dearest brother.

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