Beingness Transcends Religion

God has no religion, except that we do.

As we exist in a world of form, we come to understand reality within the context of that form. We impose meaning upon the form we have experienced. We formalize and institutionalize our interpretations, and we are often happy to buy into the interpretations that are passed to us, and to pass them along ourselves. In spiritual matters, we tend to attribute the very real internal experience of the divine to the forms themselves. But the forms- the ideas, the objects, the traditions- do not have fundamental existence. They are but shadows arising within the One, as are all forms. They are fragments, and not the Whole. No fragment can fully satisfy, because our true nature is not fragmented at all.

Beingness needs no name. Beingness transcends all names. Beingness can arise into the experience of limited perspective, and temporarily assign the power to the shadowy forms occurring within it, but such forms are not truly reflective of the perfect unity and limitlessness of What Truly Is.

The true path is Love! Love transcends all restrictions, all requirements, all definitions. Love cannot be contained within a given set of ideas or practices- it can operate through them all. Love can mean both structure, or lack of structure; beliefs, or lack of beliefs. The living power of love thrives both within and beyond all the form of our entire universe! May our human practices align with that living power! May our religion be the religion of compassion, kindness, humility, personal ownership, bravery, and selfless love- whether outside of named structure, or within whatever structure or form we genuinely feel called to express it.

Beingness Transcends Religion

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