Your Body Is an Experience

Your body is an experience, not a fundamentally real object. Your body is a set of constraints that your consciousness is experiencing per a defined physical rule-set in consciousness space. There is not a fundamentally real piece of flesh that you are inhabiting. Rather, your body exists as an experience that is occurring within you!

You already existed before you engaged in the experience of a physical body, and you will exist after that bodily experience ends. Just as a movie screen exists before and after an image is projected upon it, your awareness exists before and after the experience of the body appears within it.

However, in our case, many of us do not remember existing before the body. That is because the veil of forgetfulness is tied to the acceptance of the bodily constraint-set. It feels to us like the body is all we have ever been, because that is the nature of such a highly specialized experience as being human.

Regardless of the veiling that occurred so that you could have the focused human experience and remember nothing beyond it, your true nature stands firm. Your true loving nature does not give way; its existence is sure and ever-present! It is only within that sure and ever-present true nature that the experience of the body with its limited perceptions and recollections exists.

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