The One and the Many

We are One, and yet we are Individual. This is a great truth. From our local perspective, those two statements may seem like a paradox, but they are not. In other systems you are aware of your Oneness with All, and yet also your Individuality, which is precious and preserved.

You have likely forgotten that you are connected to everything else because you agreed to adopt that restriction (in appearance only) in order to have the human experience. Even though that is true, you are still what you are. You cannot ever be separate from All That Is! You can only agree to have an apparent experience of separation so that you can participate in experiential expansion!

When physical life ends, you become aware of all the ways you affected everyone else in your entire life. Near Death Experiencers often describe this “life review” process as being “first hand”: you experience exactly what you caused others to experience. You know because what you have done to another, you have done to yourself.

And this is why love is such an important theme: love is reflective of the unity that is native to our being. Love is reflective of what we really are! Love is the body of the One Being working in concert. Treat the other as yourself, for the other is yourself!

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