Natural Joy

The spirit is naturally joyous! Thus the pursuit of happiness is not just about “pushing” towards brightness and joy, but rather is about fully allowing what is in the present moment. Through acceptance of what is, we naturally work past the many ego constructs that cause us to become stuck in unhappiness.

Ultimately, the experience of contrast allows that natural joy to deepen in measure with the degree of experience that is fully met and integrated.

However, whilst in our local experience of contrast, consciousness tends to naturally “lose itself” in the form (thoughts, objects, ideas), and believe it is the form. This identification with something other than the whole brings unhappiness.

But returning to the natural joy is not an act of rejecting the form. Rather, we naturally release our association with the separate when we completely allow and accept it.  Through surrender to form, we naturally “untie” ourselves from it and our intrinsically joyful nature effortlessly rises back to the surface.

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