You Are Not Fundamentally Human

On a fundamental level, you are not actually a human. You are having the experience of being human, which typically includes only remembering ever being human. In fact, you are you. You are the you that feels like “you” to you. That “you” transcends the experience of your local human character.

You also transcend the local human character’s identity. You are not your job, you are not your responsibilities, you are not your nationality, you are not even your name.

What you really are is so amazing that it is completely beyond description! Yet we might simply say: you are immortal consciousness engaged in a well-defined and highly specialized reality experience, an important part of which includes forgetting all the rest of what you really are. You are participating in a very meaningful journey, a “rubber meets the road” attempt to actualize and expand your true loving nature within a rigorous context.

While you may not have conscious recollection of your greater self, it is always there within you. If you wish to take a step back toward it, let go of all the thoughts of your mind, and listen deeply with your intuition. Listen with your being! The very life within you itself has more to tell you about what you really are than your intellectual human mind and its collection of local “facts.”

3 thoughts on “You Are Not Fundamentally Human

  • I think what you say is true and I would like to comment with the fact that we are related to people and everything in the world and this is what gives us life. The fact the universe and the Lord are related to us. We are one with the world and separate from it. But we need the world to complete us. This is why “the very life within you” is the outside world that becomes us.


  • I like the way this is explained in your way.
    Beautiful article .

    What would be also cool Would be a piece on your experience and explanation of intuition … please.
    Your way of explaining this would be interesting to me.
    Thank you.


  • Sirsnīgs paldies par šo grāmatu! Esmu arī noskatījies visas intervijas ar Tavu piedalīšanos un esmu pateicīgs par to, ka tu velti laiku, lai dalītos ar šo informāciju! Sveicieni no Latvijas!


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