Love Knows No Boundaries

Often when we think about loving others, we think about those close to us. We prioritize our family, our organizations, or our nation- but often at the expense of others. We tend to think of love as “protecting one’s own.”

True love knows no boundaries! Love surpasses all labels, shatters all divisions, exceeds all limits. Love transcends all human distinction. Love accepts all.

We are to love all people! We are to love all beings, all expressions of life. We are to love regardless of identity, creed, or race. There is no identity label or condition that can preclude someone from deserving our love. If we believe otherwise, even if we do so in the name of some belief we think is moral, we are listening to our ego rather than the spirit.

When we return to the Light after our walk in the physical, we will be deeply loved no matter what identity we adopted, no matter our preferences or affiliations. Even through our many imperfections, we will be profoundly and overwhelmingly loved! In fact, we are profoundly and overwhelmingly loved right now!

Everyone you meet is ultimately your brother or sister. They, too, seek the love from which we have all come. They, too, yearn for the love that knows no boundaries. And you have the profound opportunity to be the hand of compassion or kindness that meets them wherever they are! As you do so, even in small ways, you help the transcendent love of the spirit to shine forth and gradually transform our world.

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