Awareness Has No Opposite

Awareness (here synonymous with “consciousness”) is not a thing that has an opposite. It just is. All opposites exist within awareness.

Have you ever had an experience that wasn’t your awareness of it? Have you ever had a thought that wasn’t your own awareness of it? Even the experience of waking and sleeping (“gaining or losing consciousness”), or the experience of considering dualistic ideas like existence and non-existence, are only known as you behold their forms and assign meaning to them. All of the content of your physical life, while deeply convincing in its apparent individuation and duality, has only ever taken place in your awareness of it.

Your awareness doesn’t actually need a context to exist. It is That Which Is. It is that which has done those things, and had the experience of being these other things- but it always remains.

As such, you will always remain. All that your local personality is will not be lost when your body dies. You will not be lost. Rather, you will simply awaken to all that you truly are! And the walk in the physical that you just took will be recognized as yet another adventure that you have taken, another “form that you have been,” in the great context of Creation.

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