Always Remember Your Light

YOU are a part of the Light! You are an unspeakably valuable and amazing fragment of That Which Is. You are spirit, brave and immortal spirit, now having the experience of a body. You cannot be harmed, you cannot be forgotten, and you cannot be replaced. You are never alone. You are adored, held up, and celebrated by countless thousands upon thousands of those who know and cherish you. You are a spark of the divine flame which shines bright in all things. You are a fire in the illusion of darkness. You are the presence of love, uniquely expressed as only you can. You are a powerful force, a mighty consciousness who has set out upon one of the greatest adventures thus far conceived, fully participating and yet fully transcendent. Your every thought and intent speaks to the galaxies, as they are your brothers and sisters. You are connected to every single thing that exists. You are so wonderful that you are beyond description! You are a universe unto yourself, and yet an ever-shimmering drop in the unspeakably brilliant ocean of the Light. You are loved, and you are love!

As you take your walk in the physical, set aside time to listen with your deepest being rather than your mind, and allow yourself to remember what you are.

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