Seeking Truth Beyond Knowledge

Many who seek truth in knowledge believe that there is “some universe out there” and that our job as truth seekers is to go and figure out that universe. Ironically, the one who is looking at the external forms (sense data) and internal forms (ideas and dualistic understandings) to find the answers is often missing a constantly available clue: the forms one is evaluating only exist within one’s own awareness of them.

All forms are contained within awareness; it is not that awareness only exists within form. That distinction is exactly what “the veil” allows the spirit to experience on Earth: it “clouds” the individual’s awareness of his or her deeper transcendent nature so he or she can get lost in the world of form. The individual then, having “forgotten” (lost sight of) what he or she really is, goes out and seeks the answers to beingness within the form itself, since form appears to be reality.

But looking in the world of form for the “Big Picture” answers is like the video game character looking for the answer to everything within the video game itself. There is not a single thing within the video game environment that will explain the nature of the physical computer server, or the building that server resides in, or the motivations behind the people that built the server building. In fact, as the video game character can only understand reality using video-game-world assumptions and concepts, it is not even possible for the video game character to understand the nature of the larger reality with his local video-game-knowledge-based intellectual mind alone.

You and I are similarly bound. None of the metaphors, ideas, or relationships of Earth can explain “The Answer.” If one wishes to find truth, he or she must do so beyond knowledge.

How? There are no words that can truly communicate this deep process, as it occurs beneath form and action itself, but for the action-oriented mind we can say the following. One can seek truth beyond knowledge by consistently and genuinely moving one’s focus towards that which does transcend the boundaries of realities: awareness itself! Or, if “awareness itself” is too vague and an object of attention is needed, we can say instead: “awareness of the present moment itself!”

In order to do so, one must be willing to consistently and genuinely direct one’s attention away from the thought and the form, towards what one actually is. One must be ready to surrender, to completely let go of all the stories and understandings of the mind, and meet the present moment fully. This can take considerable patience and persistence, as we tend to build up a huge amount of “thought and idea momentum” over the course of a lifetime. In fact, one should be willing to let go even of the need to find the answer!

The benefits of such a practice may initially seem invisible to the mind. Yet despite the challenge and hidden benefit, such a pursuit is incredibly worthwhile. For indeed our greater nature never leaves us, and beneath all the illusion we have become so tied up within, the greater truth of our powerful formless being always remains available to us. The answers that are there far exceed the answers of the local human mind.

Seeking Truth Beyond Knowledge

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