Finding the Sensitive You

Most of us are sensitive in ways that our ego won’t admit. That sensitivity often leads toward the real us.

The ego is not a separate entity- it is the part of us that wishes to protect us. We wish to protect ourselves. And one of the most common ways to do so is to avoid feeling pain- especially the pain of negative emotions that result from the limiting perspectives we buy into and the negative beliefs we hold about ourselves and our world. We play all sorts of games with ourselves to avoid facing that which we do not want to face, and to avoid feeling that which we do not want to feel. We effectively close ourselves off from our own actual experience.

But in so doing, we temporarily segregate ourselves from our own true nature, which is unified and completely present with “what is.” The ego creates a cage of ideas and beliefs to protect us, but in so doing, we are no longer free. We accept the illusion of the cage to avoid fear and pain, rather than being present with exactly “what is” and feeling exactly “what we feel.”

At the heart of the issue is our unwillingness to face our experience for exactly what it is because doing so may be terrifying or painful. The way to healing then is to choose to fully allow our own experience, no matter what it may be, without the protective beliefs, judgments, and stories of the mind. Leaving behind the cage can be absolutely terrifying, and can even feel like personal destruction! But in fact, reality itself is there to support you, because despite its appearances, reality is ultimately built upon love, not pain. In fact, the universe itself wants you to succeed in integrating your life experience and conquering your fear!

But such a journey is not one that can be taken abruptly: it is the small movements towards the courage to genuinely feel that help bring us closer to who we really are.

So when you are ready, make the choice to actually feel what you feel, no matter what you intellectually think it may mean about you. Feel your experience in your body, rather than listening to the age-old learned stories of your mind. Beneath all the scars, you are still sensitive- and when you find that genuine sensitivity, allow it, feel it, and embrace it, you will re-discover a piece of your true and ever-powerful self.

One thought on “Finding the Sensitive You

  • My greatest gain has been looking fear in the face and decide to go through the storm. It was the only way to find peace. It was profound on the other side and a blessing I will always have. Keep this going Christian, people need it!


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