Taking Change Beyond the Surface

The events that take place out in our world are far more than they appear to be on the surface. All things take place first in consciousness space, and then in the world of matter. Thus in order to improve our world, we must first make a change within consciousness. We cannot simply change the circumstances or the leaders. We cannot simply put new systems into place, or enact new laws. The change must occur in us. The change must occur in you. There is no other way.

The change that is required is deeply personal. It is not a change with the forms that we work with- with the specific ideas, the identifications, the beliefs, the human framework. It is not a change in the contents of the mind. The change that is required is of ourselves, of what we are at the deepest level, beneath all the objects of the physical experience. The objects that we work with- the ideas, identities, beliefs, and systems- they are just the “props” of our world, and they will come and go. What lasts is us– the consciousness of each individual who is actually wielding intent and making real choices every hour of every day. That is the real engine that drives what happens in our world. The physical details and the human systems will naturally work themselves out when we successfully change ourselves.

In order to do that, we must consistently work on the very nature of our intent itself, and consciously strive to exercise intent that is loving, rather than fearful. We must bravely seek out our own egoic tendencies, challenge our own beliefs, and feel. We must be fully present. We must acknowledge our own weaknesses, take ownership, and do our very best to actually be a more loving presence in the world. We must actually put others before ourselves. The effects of such choices are far greater than they may appear to be on the surface.

In the face of all the tribulations of Earth, pursuing change can seem daunting. When we look inside ourselves, and see all of our many imperfections, change there too can seem daunting. And yet, in the scope of the Big Picture, every real genuine step toward love is great progress! Every step forward that the soul takes towards actualizing love and overcoming fear is a genuine step forward for the entire universe! This is important to remember when we turn within ourselves in a common moment, and seek to be better. That is, in fact, where the real work is done: in the common moment, in seeking to make the more loving, humble, fearless choice in any given situation, no matter how mundane it may seem on the surface and no matter the Earthly objects involved.

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