Reality is an Experience

Our physical reality is not really a place- it is an experience. Consciousness beholds information, and believes that experience to be an objective material reality, because the information is all that the local consciousness currently “remembers” and the information occurs in a persistent and consistent manner. But that information, no matter how consistent, is not fundamental: it occurs primarily as an experience beheld by consciousness. Consciousness is always present for any reality to exist. In the case of our reality, consciousness does not rise from the physical reality (from a brain, for instance); rather, the physical reality and all the form within it only exists as an experience within that which already exists (consciousness).

This is an important distinction because the vast majority of us are so deep into the “dream” of the physical universe that we have forgotten what is real. We typically believe that matter is what is most real. It is not. While we behold the shiny sense data of the physical universe, we forget to look deeply enough into the truer “substance” that is right beneath our noses: our own awareness. That awareness itself is a gateway to much greater forms of being than the one that is being experienced as a human reading this post! Your transcendent soul is ever present- it is You!- and it can be incredibly empowering to wake up to the fact that your awareness transcends all of the many subjective circumstances that you have convinced yourself are objectively real.

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