Focus Creates Momentum

What you practice being, you will be. This reality is a system in which you create momentum of interpretation, and over the long-term the reality reinforces back to you a reflection of the momentum you have created. When you judge reality is a certain way, it will then display itself back to you that way- not only in the sense that you interpret what you see in that light, but also in the sense that physical events actually tend to happen differently to reinforce your belief.

Put simply: you get what you expect!

Our momentum of interpretation is built up from moment to moment over the course of a lifetime. Each moment then is an opportunity to change the course! Each moment is an opportunity to re-direct our focus to where we prefer. Our direction of focus is powerful. We often forget that, as we tend to believe that the external world occurs irrelevant to our interpretation of it. But indeed, we build creative momentum with each moment of our lives.

Right now is one of those moments. What momentum are you creating in your life today?

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