You Never Left Home

You never left Home. Your spirit is still there! You are still there. While you are there, you have committed a part of yourself into this local physical time-bound experience. In order to have this experience, you had to agree to temporarily forget the breadth of what you really are. That “veil” of forgetfulness was necessary for you to have the experience of being a human. After all, how could you have the experience of being human if you fully knew you were the universe? But your forgetting, and your highly specialized focus in this reality, do not change the fact that you already exist beyond it as well.

Spirit is not some substance that comes and goes. Spirit is the ever-present substrate through which all experience occurs. Spirit does not cease. It can take many shapes, and those shapes may change, but spirit itself is always present. You are spirit, and thus even as you entertain the life before you, your transcendent nature always remains.

For those of us who are so deep in the dream, this is an important fact to remember, because our believing in the separation of the spirit from the physical has helped to keep us in an experience of distance. As spirit, we form our own reality experience through belief. It is reality-changing then to wake up to the fact that we are not distant from our true nature or from the larger reality! In fact, we are there right now! Metaphorically speaking, we are dreaming the physical while asleep in the non-physical. As each individual even gradually wakes up to his or her greater nature, a change occurs in consciousness space, which effects a change in our world. So be encouraged and be reminded that you transcend this rich reality experience before you, and even if you do not see it or feel it, you are already Home!

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