Evil As “Ignorance to Love”

There is only love, and those who are temporarily acting from the darkness of an experience of “lack-of-love.” All beings at their core are the Light of Source! All beings are of love: all beings desire it, all beings are called to it, and it is the ultimate nature of the Light within us all. Sometimes the individual spirit experiences the darkness as a temporary sojourn: even though the spirit’s true loving nature remains unchanged, the spirit’s local personality can, through its own experience of being “distant” from love, fall into a vibration that is experienced as “far from” its native light. From that place, the personality can make decisions which challenge others. That darkness is not some separate power or authority- it is merely the natural result of real consciousness exercising imperfect intent when experiencing “distance” from the native love. In that sense, there is no evil.

Often the human ego rejects this idea, in part because our collective consciousness has grown within a history and environment in which it was important and meaningful to identify one’s enemy. But at the most fundamental level, there is no enemy. Ultimately, you have no enemies!

Even the most heinous of crimes are acts committed from a place of lack of love. The evildoer needs love. Love is the answer.

This does not mean that we need to accept acts of cruelty or that we should stand by when intervention is required. It simply means that even as we do intervene, we can recognize that the one we intervene against is not a foe, but in fact is another embodiment of the Light making its way with free will through a very challenging world. Evil is “ignorance to love” – and having experienced that ourselves, can we not have understanding for those who seem to do us harm?

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