A Perspective on Suffering

As a human it can be difficult to understand suffering (the word “suffering” here generally meaning “negative experience”). But from the greater perspective of the spirit, the potential to suffer, even very likely suffering (it’s never technically the requirement to suffer) is greatly worth the trouble. “What Is” can become more when it (through you!) can experience specific contrast- even when it can experience fully what it “doesn’t like,” which better defines the opposite. Creation utilizes definition; free will requires a context. The spirit in a fundamentally joyful state decides in all its eternal and invincible power to facilitate new experiences for itself so that it can integrate them- and in so doing, become even more, expand the frontier of all experience, and add more to the JOY!

Sometimes in that process the soul must seemingly be tried to its very limits. But so it is in a Creation that ever grows and becomes more. For if it did not, it would be stagnant; it would not become more. “What Is” is what it is and can’t be anything else- so if it wishes to increase its scope it actually needs to also “be” things that are challenging, painful, and constraining, too. When even those challenges have been integrated, its “What Is-ness” expands in due measure, and the native love and joy of Creation grows with it.

Suffering is also meaningful in another way: it serves as the feedback and counter-pressure sometimes necessary to “drive” the individual consciousness to personally grow its quality of intent toward love. Many are driven to spiritual growth through suffering. While that may be incomprehensible to the human ego, to the spirit that exists in eternity, and to the one who sincerely wishes to grow in eternal love and fearlessness, such a price is actually accepted with gratitude!

There will come a time someday when you will be able to look back at your own suffering, and see its greater context. Until then, let yourself feel what you feel, and let go of your judgments about it. Take heart, for your true nature always remains unharmed and invincible, no matter how much pain your local body may feel or how dark your human life may seem. The Source of all Creation is always, always with you! Be bountifully hopeful in that, in your true invincible nature and in your inseverable unity with God, for there is always hope available through what you actually are beneath this convincing physical experience.

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