Form Is Not the Answer

As we exist in this physical reality, we experience a universe of form. We live within a world of duality, where things seem separate and unique from one another: cows are different than cats, hot is the opposite of cold, and the future happens after the past. We are almost totally engrossed in a life of entertaining and manipulating form after form. Our minds are full of thoughts (which are forms), our eyes behold discreet colors and shapes (forms), and our days are spent manipulating objects (forms). This is our reality, and so we assume that all of reality is this way.

Thus when we seek to understand the “Big Picture,” we naturally tend to do so using the forms that we know. Our form-based assumptions carry over into how we imagine the greater reality to be. Indeed, those very assumptions give definition to our experience of reality! Our beliefs (our deepest assumptions about reality) form the experience that we have. Once we have defined reality a certain way, the other ways become seemingly non-existent to us. Indeed, that is the very definition of form and the reason that form itself exists!

Yet all form exists within that which is formless. That formlessness cannot truly be named, for it is beyond any word that could attempt to describe it! But we might use the word: consciousness. Consciousness–  sometimes called “spirit”– is the fundamental “substrate” upon and through which all experience of form exists. Consciousness itself fundamentally transcends all of the forms it beholds. It can get “lost” in form for a while- indeed it is capable of doing even that!- but its true nature is transcendent. Your true nature is transcendent. And the unspeakable vastness, majesty, and total breadth of the Great Spirit that is the Source of All Things is most certainly transcendent! In other words, duality itself is not fundamental.

In the context of that incredible transcendence, how can any of us claim to have fit the truth into a form? How can any one Earthly idea, name, person, book, religion, or set thereof be “the truth?” It cannot. Many times a form may, through our own identification with it, help us to connect with our transcendent Source- but the form itself is not the answer. To believe otherwise is just that- a belief, which is a form itself. That belief can only have meaning as a consciousness assigns meaning to it.

We will never find the “true answer” within form. But fortunately, you are conscious, and therefore you are connected to the Source of all truth already! Your human personality with all its form-based local understanding of reality may search under 10,000 rocks looking for the truth, and may hold on to certain assumptions about how reality is until the day of your physical death– and yet the Great Spirit already and always dwells within you as that which is transcendent!

Thus when you are ready to fearlessly surrender your need for answers within form, to give up the power and control of your beliefs, and to simply meet your awareness of the present moment exactly as it is without any label whatsoever, know then that the true nature of your being will always be there waiting for you.

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