Existence Is More Than a Bunch of Relationships

People tend to define things in relationship to other things. Forms somehow gain apparent meaning because of how we relate them to other forms. In order to understand our reality, we “borrow” relationship after relationship, until we reach some subjective level of satisfaction that reality has been identified. In so doing, we automatically narrow reality down to the meaning that we have assigned it.

In fact, the Truth fully transcends all the relationships we have identified between its apparent parts. Reality is much, much bigger than the local meaning we have assigned.

As Rupert Spira says, “Objects do not have existence. Existence has objects.” Existence may be equated with the word “consciousness.” Consciousness beholds objects; objects do not exist independent from awareness of them. Thus in order to truly understand things, we need to look not primarily at the things themselves, but at the consciousness that is beholding them. That consciousness transcends all of the relationships between the forms that it is beholding, and is much more than all of them.

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