Beingness Is Not in the Intellect

As we consider spiritual ideas we are in the intellect. Yet what we are- Beingness!- is not an intellectual activity (though the intellect occurs within Beingness). The name of the game- Love!- is also not an intellectual activity. Love is a state of intention genuinely pointed toward the benefit of another over one’s self. Love is a state of intention genuinely pointed towards inclusion, acceptance, and unity. Surrender is not primarily an intellectual activity either- it is also an intent. Love and surrender can occur through an intellectual context, but they are not of the intellect. The intellect and all of its knowledge and understanding of one’s current experience is but a tool and a context: the quality of the intent of the individual who is using that tool and operating within that context is the primary force that we are here to develop.

Our primary reason for being here is the growth of “what we are” toward love. What survives bodily death then is our true selves- our Beingness- which retains its true nature. That is retained forever! Even as form falls away, the quality of the consciousness which beheld the form and did something with it, remains. To the soul, the development of that quality of consciousness is well worth the price of being physical for a while.

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