Awareness is Inherently Joyful

Awareness is inherently joyful! It can only experience pain as a temporary illusory experience. Resisting that experience tends to perpetuate it, because it is not allowing “what is” to be. True happiness and freedom is available in completely allowing “what is” to be, exactly as it is, without the judgments of the ego-mind. This is because by releasing the forms of the ego-mind, the consciousness naturally takes a step back towards its native state which always fully transcends the forms that it is beholding. In relinquishing all resistance and simply being present with “what is,” awareness naturally “sees past” the forms that were distracting it, and it is once again known that joy is always there!

Awareness is formless and unlimited! When awareness gets lost within the illusion of form and believes form is what it is, it temporarily believes something contrary to its true nature: it believes it is limited and separate when in fact it is unlimited and connected to everything. In so doing, it naturally experiences suffering. Suffering is a sign that awareness has bought into something that is not fundamentally true. Suffering is a sign that awareness has bought into an illusion, and thus temporarily forgotten its true nature. When awareness knows its true nature, which is beyond form and totally free, suffering is not possible.

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