Creation Is Vast

Creation is very, very vast. It is so incredibly huge, so unbelievably complex, and so amazingly diverse that it is not even possible for you to even remotely imagine its scope with the human mind. Our reality alone has over 100,000,000,000 galaxies (some now say twice that), each with an average of approximately 100,000,000,000 stars. That’s more than 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 star systems. The universe is so big that it would take light more than 13,800,000,000 years to cross it- while in that time, it would “expand” even further! And yet, all of this scope is our universe only: our entire physical reality is in fact just one of many. Within that unimaginably vast context, how can any of us humans on Earth expect or believe that we truly grasp the nature of reality?

And yet many on Earth ascribe to simple human ideas passed down to them, enshrine those ideas as belief, and swiftly conclude that they more-or-less “have things figured out.” Most humans believe they generally have a pretty accurate view of the world at any given time. We commonly claim knowledge where there is actually ignorance. Our basic assumptions about reality fade into the background, invisible to us, even though they color everything we are doing and experiencing in our daily lives.

One of those assumptions is that physical matter is what is most real. Many ponderers among us assume that materialism must be sound because we have been able to achieve certain physical accomplishments with our (currently) materialistic science. Many believe that our physical universe is “all there is.”

And yet, a true investigation yields a much, much vaster “big picture” reality than the cold basic experience of matter conveys. In fact, the experience of other reality systems can be more rich, more wonderful, more vibrant, and more absolutely astounding than any physical experience available to us! How can this be, when we remember nothing but the physical world in which we were raised? How can such an investigation be pursued?

In order to have the physical experience, you had to adopt a sort of “amnesia” for a while so that you could completely focus on being differentiated as a human. The entire you is so great, so vast, so connected to everything else, that functioning as a seemingly separate human would be quite impossible if it were not for the “amnesia.” Never-the-less, you are still what you truly are: you are still spirit. You can’t not be what you truly are. And thus if you truly wish to investigate reality, you need to be willing to fully look into what you are beyond the human mind. You need to spend time and focus with your awareness itself– because that does always transcend the physical experience. Consciousness is the common denominator to every experience, so if you want to truly explore Creation, start by looking there! For indeed within the realms of Creation, there are realities far more immense and far more real than this illusory physical universe that we are so focused in- and your spirit is fundamentally connected to all of it!

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