Brave One, You Do Not Need to Prove Yourself

You are unconditionally loved by God. You can never lose that love. Source accepts you entirely. You have nothing to prove, nothing to do, nothing to fear. You are loved! Nothing can take that away from you.

That is true even considering the fact that you will make sub-optimal choices while you are on Earth. It is understood that you will. All things are understood- so how could your “mistakes” not be?

In fact, the act of being human, even in all of its messiness, is recognized as a profound and meaningful contribution. Why? Because as the soul expands, so does the ocean of which it is forever a part.

The soul “strives.” It has everything available to it, and yet (on a post-fundamental level) it is not flawless or perfect, but can in fact grow in love toward the perfection of God. To participate in that process, the soul cloaks itself in a context so it can have the opportunity to make choices.

The soul can always “be more.” That “growth” is very meaningful to the soul. It permits it to be and express itself in new ways. The soul can develop by being something within a context and striving to forever improve the quality of its intent toward love by playing that context. It can conquer fears. It can better understand duality: it can better know the light if it first knows the darkness. The experience of unique contrast is useful. Other realities are affected by the soul’s decision to become physical, too. Incarnation is an absolutely amazing and precious opportunity for the soul! We are so unconditionally loved that we are permitted to choose to have the experience of not being unconditionally loved. For in so doing, love- the nature of God itself- is that much better understood. Indeed, every detail of our lives is a unique setup within duality that helps the soul better know itself, and helps All That Is gain new meaning and insight- and that adds to Creation. You are participating in that very valuable activity right now!

Thus you did not come to Earth to prove yourself, or to earn the love that is already given to you. In fact, you are the brave one who has embarked on the great journey of being human so as to participate in the expansion of Creation itself! That is not only forgivable- it is admirable.

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