We Are All Family

“Us versus them” thinking currently prevails in our society. Because of the physical rule-set of our reality, life on this planet evolved in a “kill or be killed” environment, and it was physically beneficial to ensure that one’s self and one’s group succeeded even at the expense of other individuals or groups. Our cultures enshrine the importance of supporting one’s group, whether it be a tribe, a sports team, a nation, or- especially- one’s family.

And yet, where we truly come from, we are all family. We are intrinsically connected to one another. That statement is not just a nice sounding platitude- it is a statement of actual fact. The spirit is fundamental. Spiritually, all of us are a part of one incredible whole. We are all not only connected- we are a part of one another!

This is true no matter what role we temporarily come and play on Earth. This is true of every single person we meet. The cashier behind the register at the grocery store, our best friend, the person collecting our trash, the worker in China who made our clothes, even the next door neighbor’s dog – we are a part of one another.

Thus we do not need to differentiate between “our people” and “other people.” It may have been natural to do so in the context of our long history on Earth, but it is not fundamental to what we are. Our true nature is one of love! In fact, we have come here to this place partly so that we can explore what that means and to learn to truly love everyone more fully, even within a rich and challenging context. That means learning to genuinely love and accept others even when they are not a part of our immediate group.

The next time you interact with someone that seems like a stranger to you, take a moment to be present with them, and try to peer into what they really are. Can you drop all of your preconceptions, all of your identity labels, and truly see them? Can you sense that you are indeed connected to them? Can you feel the wonderfulness of their unique presence? If you look close enough, past all the ideas of your human mind, you just may sense their brightness, and it will speak to something in you too. For none of us are truly separate from each other- we are all family!

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