The Responsibility is Ours

 “You are not just a drop in the ocean, you are the mighty ocean in the drop.” -Rumi

We are “what is.” We are the experiencers and the interpreters of our experience. We are the creators of our experience. Every single element of our world, every single experience that any being ever has here, is ultimately our collective responsibility.

Collective experience is rooted in individual experience. As an individual experiencer, you are a fundamental and key part of the play that is occurring. Never overlook the importance and the power of individual responsibility- it is the root of all responsibility.

There is never anyone other than “I, the experiencer” who is making the choices that affect others.

And thus the responsibility for everything is yours, mine- ours. There is no other group out there, no other individual, or government, or idea, or location, or force that can be blamed. We are the only ones that can be blamed. And the “we” is rooted in you the individual, and in me the individual.

Some may say, “But I cannot change other people” or “I cannot change the entire world.” There are two important responses to that. First, you are not responsible for every other soul’s choices- but you are responsible for your own. Very importantly: from the spiritual perspective, taking personal responsibility is enough! Second, you are far more powerful than you imagine! You are intrinsically connected to every single other thing in existence, everywhere. You are connected to every single other person, animal, and rock on the planet, and every star in the sky. When you change, reality changes. When you grow toward genuine love and conquer your fear, the world is positively affected. That is true even if you do not see the effects visibly. A change in consciousness space always precedes a change in physical space. Thus the state of the world is not one of gloom, but one of hope- for you do personally have the power to bring about meaningful positive change.

So take responsibility! Take responsibility for your intent. Notice your thoughts, your actions, your reasons. Why in fact are you doing what you are doing? What can you do to make things better? What personal fears can you take ownership for and confront? What one single step can you take to help make the world a better place for someone else- today? You will find that as you accept responsibility, rather than being burdened, you are in fact FREED- for acting from love always moves us closer to our true Source of freedom and joy!

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