Seeking Truth Beyond the Intellect

When deciding whether something is true, especially when it comes to philosophical or spiritual topics, we tend to immediately consult the intellect. We think: “Does this information jive with my own understanding?” or, “How does this information fit with my existing beliefs?” We tend to seek and interpret truth through intellectual understanding, or through intellectually held beliefs.

And yet genuine spiritual truth fully transcends the human intellect. Truth transcends form.

Thus, if we wish to seek out what is true, we need to do so with more than just our minds- we need to do so with all of our being. Our being lasts. Our being is actually connected to All Things. But our human intellect is only a narrow specialized sub-set of what we truly are, the portion of us focused to processing the seemingly dualistic nature of our physical world. We are much more than that.

Because the physical universe is not fundamental, it will not do to try to understand all of reality with the physical mind. Consciousness is fundamental, so to explore reality, look there.

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