Death Need Not Be Feared

Being afraid of death is like the dreamer being scared to wake up, because the dreamer doesn’t remember waking life while he is asleep. Metaphorically speaking, you are in the dream right now, reading this blog post. You likely do not remember what is it to be “awake,” because such “amnesia” is a necessary requirement of buying completely into the dream. Never-the-less, you are not just the dreamer: what you truly are is too vast to articulate, and entire other reality systems much more real than this one are available to you when you “wake up.”

Does it hurt when you end a dream and wake up? No, the transition is very natural. Every day we wake up from our previous night’s sleep and we typically think nothing of it. Physical death is a similarly effortless transition. Countless Near Death Experiencers confirm that there is no pain in the transition itself from physical life to the non-physical one. In fact, just the opposite- the transition is incredibly liberating and full of unspeakable love and joy!

Living in the physical- dreaming that you are actually form- is the much more constraining and potentially challenging state. We are free to thrive here, to fully enjoy the contrast and all the experiences that this life has to offer- but we do not need to fear the end of it in the least. Death is release, the great liberator, a joyful awakening into our much more native state! Not only do we not need to fear that, we can in fact look forward to it as the wonderful, expansive, celebratory return home that it is! And indeed when we dismiss the specter of the fear of death, we are able to live our lives more in joyful alignment with the immortal spirits that we truly are!

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