Growing Beyond Belief

No matter what the belief, people will tend to find data to support it. In fact, over a lifetime people tend to assemble complex fortresses of data to support what they already believe. As they do this, most people believe that their viewpoint is “true,” and that others’ viewpoints are “false.” Furthermore, many believe some forms (ideas, beliefs, identities, or actions) are inherently “good” while others are inherently “evil.” To those who are so deeply accustomed to living in a universe of duality, this can seem natural.

At the deepest level, there is fundamental Truth. But that Truth transcends all of the form of the physical universe. It transcends all of the ideas, all of the words, all of the beliefs, all of the objects, all of the contrast. While there is no word that can name it (since words are also form), perhaps we can attempt to speak to what that Truth is by using this one simple word: LOVE!

While forms themselves are not innately “good” or “bad,” since a consciousness must always assign meaning to them in order for them to have meaning, the movement of consciousness through intent does either align more closely or less closely to Truth or Divine Love. This is why it is so very important to deeply explore the nature of our own motivations, and to act from loving intent (which aligns with Truth) rather than fearful intent (which temporarily does not). Loving intent might also be described as: selflessness, personal responsibility, humility, and acceptance. It includes the willingness to be wrong, to seek out truth and grow in the acceptance and service of others, even at the full expense of what one has previously believed.

The challenge is, our beliefs tend to become invisible to us: they tend to appear to us to be assumptions about how reality really is, rather than beliefs. In other words, once our beliefs are set, the data that arrives almost always appears to support the existing belief. But in fact, the same data is being utilized by different conscious participants in different ways.

We often don’t think about spiritual growth in this way. Instead, we fight for the form. We try to make sure our way of seeing the world is furthered. We worry about it, we fret and fight that the rest of the world may adapt to the correctness of what we believe to be right. But the correctness of belief is not what this universe is about. We are here to develop the quality of our intent, the quality of ourselves as truly loving beings. We are here to face our fears and to accept personal responsibility. We are here to actually accept and love one another! That, far more than any claim of form, will further God’s plan (the ultimate loving intent) for this universe!

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