Letting Go of the Desire to Think in Meditation

Meditation is not ultimately about piling one thought (the thought “don’t think” or some other) on top of a stream of other thoughts. Meditation is about removing the momentum behind the thoughts, so that their arrival will diminish, so that awareness itself can rise without falling asleep back into thought.

Thought is not the same as intent. Thought is a form beheld within the mind; intent is the fundamental movement of consciousness. In order to slow down the momentum of thought, intent must first move to change the desire to behold the thought. Our desire to listen to our thoughts feeds their momentum. If we want to experience our truer nature, we have to decide to actually “let go.”

Most of us who experience constant thought do so because we care about those thoughts. We truly believe their content is important. Or perhaps we find comfort or pleasure in them. The thoughts arrive to serve us. Perhaps we’ve been propelling the same thoughts so consistently and for so long that they’ve become almost all we know. The following is not to be misconstrued, but in order to fully meditate and experience our greater awareness, we have to allow ourselves to “not care” about the content of our thoughts. We have to allow ourselves to let go of the need for the thoughts to serve whatever purpose they are serving.

If you sit down to meditate, and you actually want to be doing something else, your intent and your meditation experience will reflect that. Meditation then should be done at a time when you are ready to let go. When you invest yourself in letting go, when you give yourself permission to deeply release all expectations and needs and desires, then your momentum of thought will reflect that, and your greater awareness will naturally rise to the surface. Indeed, incredible relief is available to you when you finally “put down” the needs that your thoughts are faithfully serving.

Meditation is ultimately not an action. It is allowing awareness to be more fully in the present moment without being lost in the dreams of the mind. That allowing means letting go- even letting go of the need to listen to our thoughts, and letting go of the wants, needs, and desires that those thoughts are serving.

Letting Go of the Desire to Think in Meditation

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