You Can’t Trick Your Intent

Your most fundamental power, the one that exists beyond all of the boundaries of realities, is your intent. Your intent is a force that always belongs to you. The context in which you are able to make choices may change drastically: your constraints may change, your environment may change, your body or your knowledge or your circumstances may change- but your power to choose and to wield intent itself always remains. The effects may not be obvious, depending on what reality rule-set you are participating in, but your intent always has an effect of some kind.

Interestingly though, what we are actually intending is not always obvious to us. This is because the portion of ourselves we call the “ego-mind” has often buried our true intent deep beneath a complex pile of beliefs, judgments, and justifications. We are often not ready to examine the true nature of ourselves, because we are full of fear: fear of the unknown, fear of pain, fear of negative perceptions that we have bought into along our walk in the physical. And because our true nature is currently obscured, many times we believe we are making choices from one motivation, when in fact our true motivation is something quite different. Many times we believe we are motivated by love, when in fact we are motivated by fear.

No matter what your mind says, you cannot ever trick your intent. Your intent is always exactly what it is. It is a fundamental force. Your intent is YOU- it is the very deepest ultimate “what and why” of your motivations and choices, the reason and movement of your spirit. It is not the choices themselves. It is not the intellectual reason you are making the choices.

We are here on Earth to develop the quality of our intent by being something within a context. We are here to actually experience what it is like to live in a world where billions of conscious participants exercise their intent within a shared rule-set, and to grow in a real way towards beings who genuinely make choices out of love, rather than fear.

Since that is why we are here, it is very beneficial for us to take time to genuinely search for what our intent really is. Doing so takes remarkable courage, but for the individual who is ready to accept responsibility, face their fears, and truly serve others, the universe itself will respond.

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