Acknowledging Human Ignorance

The process of attempting to establish an intellectual framework to understand one’s reality is, in itself, natural and healthy. However, as we seek to intellectually gain control so as to allay our fears, in our clamoring for answers we often collectively or individually institute assumptions and beliefs as if they were knowledge. Since the dawn of our history, ignorant man has ever concocted ideas about how reality works, and then declared those ideas to be truth.

As we evolve, we will need to be humble enough to recognize how very little we truly understand. The old stories we’ve been telling ourselves- even the old stories about physical matter being what is “most real”- will need to be deeply examined and then put aside as necessary in the honest pursuit of truth. We will need to recognize the limitations of our materialist science, which will not be able to answer the Big Picture questions from within the physical. We will need to be bold, humble, and brave enough to confront what is within us, so that we may truly grow our understanding of both the “internal” and “external” worlds, and more consistently bring the truer nature of love into this reality.

That can’t be done, however, until human ignorance is recognized for what it is. Being ignorant is not a vice. But claiming knowledge where there is none is a hindrance. Human knowledge currently is extremely limited. Sure, we understand a lot more about the physical rule-set of this reality than we did a few hundred years ago. But our understanding about reality itself, about our place in not only the cosmos but within the greater dimensions in which we exist- in that regard, as Tom Campbell once so eloquently put it, we barely have even one foot out of the cave!

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