Intent vs Action

From the divine perspective, what is important is not necessarily what we do, but why we do it. Our deepest intent is what matters. And our deepest intent is always totally unobscured and plainly obvious to the spirit. In fact, every intent we’ve ever held and every action we’ve ever taken in our entire lives is clearly remembered. When our lives are reviewed after their completion, what is applauded is not necessarily what we did, but when we truly acted from selflessness and love. Genuine unconditionally loving intent is the key, not the actions themselves.

But loving intent will lead to loving action. Intention causes action. Personally mobilized action cannot take place without intention.

When we pass we will be fully aware of the full impact that we had on everyone we ever affected in our entire lives. That impact will include the many effects that our physical actions had on others. But furthermore, our impact far surpasses even the effects of our actions: our intent itself – our love itself – has a tone that rings out through Creation! We are communicating with and “nudging” this reality and each other with “who we really are” every day, and that is also a significant part of the impact we have while we are here! In that sense, intention is action.

Be brave then while you are here not only to discern the many effects of your actions, but also the quality of your intent- for what you really are, the love or fear that you really carry, has far more impact than you can see with your physical eyes.

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