Faith Transcends Belief

In the context of your belief system, especially a religious one, if you are feeling doubt it is a sign that your Reason is compelling you to explore. It is OK to follow your Reason. “Big Truth” is not make believe and does not require your belief to exist. (Only your ego requires things to be a certain way.)

If you genuinely seek truth, you will look fearlessly into your own history and experience, and your own reaction to it all. If you look close enough you will see that your beliefs have deeply colored and created your experience. In addition, if you consistently take the time to explore deeply into the present moment beyond your thoughts and judgments, into your awareness itself, you will find that your awareness is fundamental to every experience you have had, while the intellectual justifications and beliefs are not. “You” have (your awareness has) persisted and endured, while the thoughts and forms that you have entertained have come and gone.

Faith then is not about simply finding an idea and holding on to it with tenacity. Faith is setting your deepest intent in the “right direction”- which is toward Love and God (no matter what you call it or don’t call it). Those two words attempt to encompass many aspects of truth which vastly transcend all human language, but we might say they include actually setting your intention toward: fearlessness, personal responsibility, active relationship with your Source, peace, acceptance, humility, surrender, joy, creativity, being fully present in the current moment, and always striving to put the needs of others before yourself. Genuinely pursuing all of that is both much more challenging and much more rewarding than tenaciously holding on to any human intellectual dogma, creed, book, name, or idea. God vastly transcends the forms you may identify Her by anyway, so your selection of the form itself is not critical. That being said, admittedly we are physical beings living in dualism- so the form or belief pursued can in fact be extremely meaningful and important! Religion often serves this extremely meaningful purpose. But when you are ready it can also be liberating to realize that the form or belief itself is not the “active ingredient.” Spirit- which we might also call “life” or “awareness”- is the thing that is real; and the “active ingredient” is the mobilization of that spirit- including your spirit- by intent! Intent transcends the forms of your mind, even as it must work through those forms.

You can at any moment let your faith transcend belief!

When you glance upon truth, there is no doubt: you know it in a way that resonates perfectly with the true goodness in your soul, because at their deepest root all things- including you- always exist within harmony, love, and perfect beingness. If you feel conflict, resistance, pressure, or fear, in that moment you are not operating from a place of higher truth. And that’s OK! You, as a part of the Creative process, utilize your experience of duality and contrast to expand and create. None-the-less, YOUR personal decision in any and every given moment to choose loving intent versus fearful intent is truly, truly important! It is the very reason this reality exists- to give you that opportunity! Faith then is always striving for the divine however you may personally identify it. Faith is choosing to embody pure loving selfless intent. Faith is allowing the greater truth and mighty river of Source’s ever-present love to flow through you in whatever your circumstances, regardless of the forms involved!

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