Physical Versus Spiritual Accomplishment

The primary thing we are accomplishing is not anything external, like production, consumption, amassing wealth, or creating something physical. The primary thing we are accomplishing is in consciousness space: the development of the quality of our intent toward love, the addition to creativity and to ideas, the broadening of awareness that occurs as one has experiences and makes choices. WE are the substance of what is happening in reality; the things we see around us are not. We can turn materials into finished goods, build a thousand cities, direct resources by spending money for decades and centuries: none of that has any meaning except through the experience of, and resulting beingness of, those doing it and those affected by it. When the Earth has passed- and pass it will- the objects we moved around effortfully will matter very little. However, our experience, our love- that will be incredibly precious and eternally enduring!

You and I will exist past the death of our bodies. We will exist after the roads have crumbled to dust, the skyscrapers have fallen low, and the languages of the Earth are no longer spoken. Someday, eventually, all the things we have built will be gone- but you will remain.

Should we then while we are here spend our energies primarily on physical production and acquisition? Or should we instead work towards building up that which will never pass? Are not the treasures of the spirit worth far more than any possession? For wisdom endures! Joy lifts up all of Creation! Creativity adds to What Is in an eternal way! The growth of the spirit cannot ever be lost, and love never, ever dies or diminishes.

Work, then, for love! Work to conquer your fear, to fully face whatever your experience may be. Work to create. Work to add to the experience of those around you. Work to serve, to humble yourself, to make the world better for someone else. Work to expand your understanding, your perspective, your willingness. Work to surrender. Work to face yourself and be the best you can be. Work to allow the love of the divine to flow through you. And know that your “work” is not work at all- it is the gentle calling of your spirit to be the loving being that you are at your core, wherever you are. Let go of all concern, follow the quiet asking of your spirit, and know that “all is well.” For you are the brave one who has decided to come here, not to accomplish the transient ends of the physical, but to add to yourself, to love, and to Creation!

One thought on “Physical Versus Spiritual Accomplishment

  • I finally settled down to read this. I wanted to wait until I was ready to receive. I think this is my favorite so far. I love how you verbalize what I already know, even though sometimes I don’t know that I know it! Who’s on first?


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