Thinking as Distinguished From Being

When you are thinking, you are lost in a dream of form. When you are being, you just “are”: no distinctions are necessary, and all possibilities actually exist.

The intent to dwell “in the now” is often referred to as being “present.” Being “present” is like looking at a sunset and fully experiencing its beauty in the present moment: you simply are being present with the experience, rather than quantifying or judging the experience with thought. The sunset admirer does not begin to think “the sunset should be more pink,” for as soon as she does, she is no longer experiencing the sunset, but is instead judging it. God often speaks to us far more clearly in the former (presence) than in the latter (thought judgment).

If you slow down the momentum of your thoughts and go far enough into the present moment and allow yourself to completely surrender to it without judgment, you will find rather than nothing being there, everything is there. You will find your awareness exists beyond the boundaries of your body, and that you can experience your being that transcends your entire physical identity and all of its thoughts and judgments. The only thing that separates you from that native transcendence are the thoughts, judgments, and beliefs that you have decided to cling to and formalize over a lifetime.

This present moment, this very moment right now, the great depths of your own being are available to you. While the momentum of your thoughts and judgments may be great, and that may seem to keep you far from being fully aware, recognize that at any time you can take one step away from the thoughts and toward awareness of the present moment itself.

Who you really are is much bigger than who you may think you are right now, and it is completely OK to explore that!

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