Relinquishing Judgment

Judgment pervades our society. We constantly label, categorize, and place blame. When something that we deem as “bad” happens, we quickly seek to identify who is at fault. We are deeply attached to the idea that there are enemies somewhere out in the world.

But in truth, there is no enemy. There is never an enemy.

All of us are integrally spiritually connected to one another. We may be currently entertaining the deep illusion of separation, but never-the-less fundamentally we are all individuated facets of the same Great Spirit. How can there ever be an enemy when the other is always a part of us?

Those among us who are acting hurtfully are simply doing so out of the ignorance caused by being on this side of the veil: ignorance to their own undiminishable power; ignorance to their inherent worthiness; ignorance to the unspeakable love that exists for them- especially this last one. Everyone who acts hurtfully is suffering themselves, for lack of love has prompted them to act out of fear. Can you forgive your brother and sister who is suffering, like you have? Can you forgive them for being afraid?

Relinquish your need to place blame or be on the “side of right.” For the sense of empowerment one may gain in doing so is only a false illusion set up by the ego. It is fake security. The ego may proclaim, “I now have power over the situation because I have identified the cause of my duress” or “I now affirm that I am good and justified because of which group I belong to-” but such proclamations are illusions.  Like all illusions of the ego, they are created to give us a false sense of comfort, which we often embrace wholeheartedly rather than facing our fears and feeling our discomforts.

You do not need the securities of the ego, including that of judgment. The truth stands firm and strong, always: you are loved, you are cherished, you are divine- and so is the person next to you. That truth when experienced is far more comforting than the comfort that any egoic judgment can provide!

2 thoughts on “Relinquishing Judgment

  • Yes, and judgement pervades this egoic life at even the most superficial levels. “We went to the beach this weekend.” “That’s great. I had to work.” “Oh, that’s too bad. Want to go to lunch at the cafe?” “Sure. There portions are too big, but I love their meatloaf. Should we invite Judy?” “Then we’ll have to comment on that outfit she’s wearing”. And on and on…


  • Guilty. Relating to Trump, being sent away to a military academy or any school at a very young age would certainly make you feel unloved.


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