Embracing Personal Reality

Our deepest personal beliefs that are fueling our experience don’t appear to be beliefs at all. Instead they appear to be “obvious observations about how reality is.” When it appears “obvious” to us (while physical) that reality is “a certain way,” that is often our own belief about it. And that belief about it is significantly contributing to our own personal experience, both in how we interpret what we experience and also in how reality itself physically manifests our experience to us.

In fact, this physical reality is neutral, and we are each imposing our own meaning upon it. For the soul, this is a critical aspect of why the physical experience is so valuable: it permits us to expand and experience our deepest powers of interpretation.

And yet, let us not confuse the current experience of personal reality with a lack of an absolute reality. Indeed, absolute reality exists! That absolute reality contains and greatly transcends the personal reality. It’s just that living a personal reality in the physical necessitates that our perspective temporarily not include the perspective of the larger reality.

In other words, we are here for the full experience of “being human.” Thus while we are here we should fully embrace our current personal experience with all its confusions and limitations, for there are great treasures available to us when we do so!

At the same time, we can also always relinquish ourselves and choose to surrender- even by a few steps- back into the ever-present and much greater reality of the love of God. For even as you embrace the experience of personal reality, you are never, ever outside of the transcendent larger reality of God’s love. Existence itself at its root is creative joy, even as in its creativity it has chosen to exercise its power to transcend personal darkness.

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