Accepting Your Physical Path

We who are physical are blessed with the opportunity to be physical. Near Death Experiencers and other sources from Spirit remind us that we, the physically incarnated, are particularly blessed! It is also said that there are many more spirits who wish to have the opportunity to make it IN to this reality than there are those of us who are already here. It is ironic then that so many of us here seem to want out!

Having the opportunity to walk the challenging path of physical life is a tremendous gift. Being physical is not primarily a walk of trial or judgment or sorrow. Being physical is having the precious opportunity to love when it is sorely needed, to grow through and shine in the face of challenges that may seem insurmountable, to participate in and experience Creation in an extreme way.

Thus instead of resisting your path, permit yourself to let go and accept the beauty of the messiness. Whatever is happening in your life, recognize your power to view it how you wish, or to drop your judgments altogether. Are you able to look past your own judgments and see with the ever-wondrous eyes of your spirit? Are you able to sense the profound opportunity in the challenge?

If so, recognize that your challenges are, in fact, gifts! As gifts, you might as well accept them while you are here! For when you accept your challenges and surrender to your own experience, rather than to your ideas about it, you will find the fruits of the spirit are ever available to you. True power and freedom lie in acceptance.

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