The Power of Vulnerability

The “ego mind” is the portion of the mind that is devoted to defining reality in a way that will protect us. The ego mind protects us through presenting to us beliefs, justifications, and stories. We “buy in” to those beliefs, justifications, and stories. Why? Because we seek to avoid confronting the fears that those beliefs, justifications, and stories cover up. We withdraw ourselves from the experience of the darkness by building facades of light.

Sometimes when something threatens us, or our facade itself is threatened, we grip onto the facade even harder, even tighter, desperately demanding shelter within it. Sometimes the facade is all we’ve ever known.

The problem is not the facade itself. The problem is our unwillingness to face the darkness. If we let go of everything that is protecting us, and simply surrender to experiencing the present moment in all of its gory glory, it will mean that we will have to be open and willing to feel everything. We call that willingness to feel, “vulnerability.”

Contrary to what our culture has taught, vulnerability is not a weakness. In fact, spiritually speaking, vulnerability is a profound strength! It is through the willingness to fully experience ALL of what we are, ALL of what we feel, ALL of what is around us and within us, that we can fully grow and mature in the way that God intended: toward Love. Love, the most powerful force in existence, is vulnerable.

It is OK then to relinquish your control. If you let go, the spirit will always be there to catch you! God is not a fairy tale or belief, but a real conscious force of profound love that dwells within and beneath every single thing in this universe- including you. That power is always on the other side of the fears and pains you may engage when you drop the facade and choose to be vulnerable, no matter how long those pains or fears may last, no matter how long you may experience the illusion of your own powerlessness.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Vulnerability

  • This is a topic I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. It’s undeniable that vulnerability is a requirement to fully love. What I find interesting is that you present vulnerability here as a way you can be with your self. I have always thought of vulnerability as a learned ability to invite people in to one’s emotional inner workings.

    I do think your right when you say culturely vulnerability is less accepted, but I think their is a slow uprising of the contrary. There’s a growing awareness of mental health issues and, I think with that, bodily and physical health awareness has been growing alongside it. I wonder if this is because of our culture, more specifically because of social media. People often share with the masses (possibly in anonymity) their mental/physical/spiritual deficits and in return get vulnerable outpourings from friends and possibly strangers. In contrast with this openness, this extreme vulnerability that is growing is causing a lot of fear and rejection from other people. As you’ve pointed out, fear is the reaction when the facade is up.

    Vulnerability is the strength within defenselessness which is why it is so hard to reach for so many.


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