The Jungle of Confusion

We live in a jungle of confusion. The veil of amnesia and the illusion of separation cause a profound state of “limited information” in which each individual must use limited data to decide what is true. 7 Billion people on Earth each have their own perspective, most think they generally have the world figured out, and many spend an incredible amount of energy trying to tell each other what to think. Advertising, religion, social media: all add to the cacophony of individual or group messages to other individuals or groups. As technology proliferates, the volume of the jungle increases.

Yet, so very much of it is confusion because none of the messages sent in metaphor or word can successfully communicate the full scope or “deeper truth” of What Is. Form (words or ideas) cannot fully describe that which is beyond form.

Since conscious awareness is fundamental, the only way that the individual can encounter “deeper truth” is by personal experience. Striving to experience “deeper truth” is a very individual and unique process that certainly cannot be articulated in words to you by someone else. But one important channel can be identified: the unadulterated experience of the Now (rather than the consideration of some idea). The more one is able to be fully present with one’s entire actual experience of the present moment, the better one will become at being able to see past the deep construct of one’s own thoughts, judgments, and beliefs. The more one is able to see past one’s own thoughts, judgments, and beliefs, and simply experience the Now itself, the closer one will be to allowing themselves to be touched by glimmers of the ineffable truth which transcends all the metaphors of the world. The sounds of the jungle can be very distracting: but fortunately, nothing can thwart your free will ability to choose to focus inward to the silence, rather than outward to the noise.

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