Change Through Action vs Change Through Consciousness

Often when we wish to “make change” in the world we perform tasks that seem pertinent, but may in fact not be very effective. For instance, perhaps we care about a local cause, so we join a committee or fill some leadership role to support it, only to find that instead of effecting great change, much time and energy is spent bogged down in procedure or politics. Or perhaps we are sick and wish to be healed, so we go see a doctor- when in fact the doctor may have limited understanding of what may actually help us. While our actions are of course always meaningful to some degree within the big picture, in the physical arena sometimes our allocation of time and activity may actually be pretty inefficient at effecting change. This is a natural part of living within a system of limiting constraints.

It is important to recognize however that the very real all-powerful source of our entire reality itself is always present. In a fundamental sense, the power of physical action is crude and paltry in comparison to the power of the spirit, and the power of the spirit is mobilized by intent. Intent is deep at the root of all events. The entire rule-set of this experience on Earth- this experience that seems physical- derives from God’s awesome intent, which we are connected to. We are connected to the source of the most awesome change- and within our own consciousness itself always lie the keys to unfolding a new reality around us. Rather than some abstract idea, and despite how it might appear on the surface, this is a real and practical engine for change. In fact, it is the primary and most powerful one.

Yet collectively in consciousness space, we have “dug this reality deep.” There is a humongous precedent, a monumental amount of vibrational history, that has set us to where we are, both in how our physical world has evolved, and also in how the human psyche typically expresses itself. But we can change it. We, collectively, have the power to bring the light of the higher realms into this reality frame.

How do we do this?

First, we relinquish old ideas that make us fearful or powerless and embrace the power that is inherent to us- for even as we do so in mind-space, we automatically begin to do so in the world.

Second, we change our focus toward celebrating the light instead of accepting and feeding the negative systems and ideas of our world.

Third, we accept responsibility for exactly who we are and what the world is.

Fourth, we recognize that how we see the world is primarily a reflection of us – not a statement about how the world actually is.

And fifth, we work on ourselves to conquer our own fears, to bring forth our own love, so that the world shines back to us the love that we are. Real change comes through love- for when the spirit loves, the physical solution naturally unfolds through and around us.

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