Unconditional Love to the Brink of Total Ignorance

You are so unconditionally loved by God that you are permitted to almost completely forget that you are unconditionally loved by God. In coming to Earth, somehow the truth of God’s unconditional love that exists specifically for YOU has moved out of your waking awareness. Perhaps you have no recognition of it at all. Perhaps the concept of God’s unconditional love has become simply an intellectual concept for you, as an aspect of faith. Or perhaps you have had tiny partial glimpses of it, through personal moments of surrender and dedication to the divine. In any case, the truth of the unconditional love that exists for each of us remains largely obscured while we are physical: painfully, persistently obscured.

Yet, being brought to the brink of total ignorance about how much love exists for you is an extremely important and necessary part of your purpose here. You could not have your adventures in physicality, with all of the opportunities for mis-perception and personal growth, if you actively recalled all of what you are! The very purpose of physical life- growth of the spirit toward love- could not be accomplished with such recall.

Take some time then to simply sit in silence with yourself and the divine, and see if you can quietly feel even a glimmer of the real love that does exist for YOU (specifically you!), so that you may be encouraged. For you are what you are- which is a loved immortal spirit- even if you don’t remember it. Even if you’re so deep in your current personality that you cannot feel God’s love- comprehend at least intellectually as much as you can that today, right now, you are indeed an incredibly adored, cherished, powerful, and irreplaceable portion of All That Is.

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