The Hard Class

From the other side, the spirit actually excites at the prospect of having to deal with such constraints as we experience here in the physical. When we’re here, though, often the incredible challenges of our lives seem insurmountable and crushing.

And yet, the spirit does transcend them!

Thus we can approach our deepest challenges with an understanding that we can in fact rise above (and through!) that which seems to thwart us, no matter what it is. We can embrace our difficult experiences, and use them as the counter-pressure they were meant to be. Metaphorically, we are on the weight bench- so we might as well lift the weights!

Doing so is a process not just of intellectual willingness, but of a deep commitment to have the intent to actually embrace our current experience, whatever it may be. We must be willing to feel. We must be willing to be honest with ourselves. We must be willing to be fully present. We must be willing to face our fears. We must be willing to remove the blame from others and the outside world, and instead accept responsibility for our own state of being. We must choose to experience what we are experiencing. In doing so, we may find that physical life is not just a challenge- but instead it is an amazing and precious opportunity for peace, love, and joy!

3 thoughts on “The Hard Class

  • Christian. I’ve been enjoying, understanding and relating to your posts, but this one has me puzzled. I do not get, “We can embrace our difficult experiences and use them as the counter-pressure they were meant to be.” Can you please elaborate?

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    • Mary, so good to hear from you! A universe such as this one provides a rich environment for creation and growth because it provides us the opportunity to make choices under pressure. The pressures in our lives might be metaphorically compared to the “counter-pressure” we experience when lifting weights: you can’t grow muscle without having the weights to push back against. It can be helpful for us while we are “on the weight bench” (enduring challenges while physically incarnated) to recognize the pressures we experience as being potentially beneficial to us so that we can embrace them and use them for our own growth rather than fear them.


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