All is Well

If all is not well, it is because you have interpreted that all is not well. Your evidence for all not being well may seem obvious to you. After all, it appears clear that suffering abounds and the world is in rough shape. You may even feel disdain for those who don’t see that things are “obviously” not well. How can anyone say “All is Well”?

In fact, consciousness has the power to place interpretation and meaning on anything. We come into the physical to experience the constraints of physical life, including the constraint of ignorance which causes us to have to interpret our experience. In response to our sense data we “buy in” to interpretations, perceptions, and beliefs, and then have the resultant experience that our interpretations, perceptions, and beliefs yield to us. That process of actually living through our interpretations, perceptions, and beliefs is what adds to Creation and is so meaningful to our soul.

At the fundamental level beyond all the interpretations, perceptions, and beliefs, the consciousness that exists is unharmable and capable of nearly infinite creation. Its ability to have the experience of limitation is simply a part of its creative power. The brave soul that jumps in to experience the darkness helps “All That Is” grow in its experience by providing profoundly valuable contrast and perspective. You are participating in that incredibly meaningful activity right now!

Beneath all the wants and “not wants,” sickness and health, sight and sound, birth and death: ineffable Beingness exists deeply. From that state, it is totally and wholly apparent that All is Well, and always will be.

If you cannot sense that right now from your current state of awareness, don’t worry- that’s a part of the game! Allow yourself at least intellectually to consider that the pains and fears and destruction of your life and the lives of others exist within something greater. If you fearlessly listen quietly within, beneath all your own interpretations, perceptions, and beliefs, you may just hear a voice gently reminding you that indeed, beneath (and through!) all the drama, all is indeed very, very well!

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