You Deserve Freedom

You deserve freedom. You deserve love. You deserve admiration, adoration, and respect. These statements are true! And yet, on a deep level, you probably don’t accept them. If you’re like the majority on Earth right now, you have established a system of beliefs and justifications to convince yourself that you are worthy, when in fact, you already are.

You’ve been conditioned to do this by society, or family culture, or perhaps by religious beliefs. You may believe you are a good and worthy person WHEN you perform the right tasks, or go to church, or act a certain way, or believe a certain thing, or maybe even when you pay your bills on time.

But the fact of the matter is: you are an awesome precious consciousness that is a part of All That Is. You are intrinsically worthy, a creation and fragment of God, an immortal awareness. You don’t need any Earth-bound words, actions, or justifications to establish your worthiness.

Except when you believe you do. Except when you interpret your reality within a system you’ve bought into that says you do. Except when you meet the constraints of physical reality with fear, and respond by setting up a system of action to justify yourself to yourself.

Loving brother or sister, please be gently reminded: it is certainly OK to embrace your own worthiness. I am not speaking about the empty worthiness we convince ourselves of when the ego tells us a story. Ultimately there is nothing to be found there. Rather, I am speaking about the inherent, intrinsic worthiness of Being.

Within that context please also be gently reminded that it is certainly OK to question your beliefs- including those that make you feel less than worthy. It is certainly OK to change interpretations that cause you or others pain. It is certainly OK to evaluate even the most cherished of what you perceive to be your “core understandings.” Even your “first principles,” or the basic “truths” you establish for yourself by which you understand reality itself, can- and sometimes should- be up for interpretation. You are worthy of doing even that. You are fundamentally free enough to do even that. No one can take that ability from you- though you can quite easily take it from yourself.

This reality is an experience simulation, built so that your awareness can truly experience what it is like when you “buy in” to certain beliefs and then make free-willed choices based on those beliefs. Yet recognize that free will choice is at the center of the game: you get to choose how you will see this world! And the world will respond to your choices.

So as you make your choices about how you will see the world, just remember: you do deserve freedom! And if you bravely let yourself have it, truly, you will!

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