My name is Christian, and I’d like to extend a warm welcome to you!

My intention with this blog is to provide SHORT, bite-sized contemplations for the purpose of encouraging YOUR spiritual walk- whatever that may be. There are no specific beliefs or dogmas required here- simply a desire to reach beyond the physical experience you are now having.

See my Welcome page and recommended material here:

Welcome Page and Recommended Material

4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  • Hello, Christian, and thank you for your website which I have found to be a blessing. As it speaks “my language” and to what I “know” to be truth. How very exciting it is to discover that there are others in this world wiho share my deepest “knowing”. And I am especially grateful that you have the ability to articulate “truth” so very well. I am happy for you in your awareness, which had begun for you at an early age and has grown and continues to expanded through the years. What a gift you have been given.
    Everything of the spiritual nature that you’ve share resonates with me. Even the description of your having illness and genetic issues and sensitivities, etc…. For the past fifty years, I am plagued with MCS/EI, several autoimmune diseases, mold illness, and mutations of several chromosomes ( genetic irregularities).
    Since my youngest memories from childhood, I have been very sensitive in many ways. Not only did medicines effect me adversely, but unkind, unloving, hurtful people’s words, actions and vibrations affected me.
    At age 67, and with illness having held me back from living for five decades, there is less time ahead of me to live this life I a new way. Therefore, I do not want to waste any more time. Being motivated to live the remainder of my years awakened, I am eager to learn more and to make the necessary changes that will allow for that shift in consciousness, but I don’t know how-to or where to begin. I want nothing more than to life the remainder of my time on earth in the awakened state of oneness with my Source, my Creator, my God.
    Are you able to direct me or to get me started, Christian ? I am truly stuck and positively sincere.
    Thank you again.
    Many blessings,

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  • Deborah, thank you so much for your sincere message. I’m happy to speak privately. Are you on Facebook? If so please reach out (Christian Sundberg). If you’re not on Facebook I will give you my private email address. Stay strong sister- you are bright, you are valuable, and you are loved!


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