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My name is Christian, and I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to you!

My intention with this site is to encourage your spiritual walk- whatever that may be. Thank you for lending your precious attention. Though I cannot see you, that which is divine in me honors that which is divine in you!

What This Site Is: A place to simply consider new spiritual perspectives that may help us better understand and utilize our current experience. There are no strings attached- no beliefs are required. Both open-mindedness and skepticism are encouraged.

What This Site Is Not: This site is NOT with the intention to uphold or push down any specific ideology or belief system. Just come as you are!

Contact me at: awalkinthephysical@gmail.com

Please see my Talks and Interviews page for talks that I have participated in, check out the Book, or view some Recommended Materials.

Have a wonderful day experiencing being human!