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My name is Christian, and I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to you!

My intention with this blog is to provide short, bite-sized contemplations for the purpose of encouraging your spiritual walk- whatever that may be. Thank you for lending your precious attention. Though I cannot see you, that which is divine in me honors that which is divine in you!

What This Blog Is: A place to simply consider new spiritual perspectives that may help us better understand and utilize our current experience. There are no strings attached- no beliefs are required. Both open-mindedness and skepticism are encouraged.

What This Blog Is Not: This site is NOT with the intention to uphold or push down any specific ideology or belief system. Just come as you are!

Contact me at: awalkinthephysical@gmail.com

Below are some materials I recommend, and links to recordings of talks I have participated in.


Tom Campbell

I highly recommend the work of physicist Tom Campbell to any who are interested in intellectually understanding their place in the “Larger Consciousness System” and how/why physical reality exists for us. For instance, the following lecture series: Tom Campbell Spain Lecture and Tom Campbell Calgary MBT Introduction

Tom Campbell’s entire “My Big TOE” (Theory of Everything) book trilogy is available free at: Tom Campbell’s My Big TOE Book Trilogy

Wise Teachers

Channeled Sources


Near Death Experiences

Near Death Experience accounts are great “spiritual field research” reading. Thousands are available at: Near Death Experience Research Foundation and some video accounts are available on YouTube. Excellent examples include: Amphianda’s NDE, Amy Call’s NDE, Christian Andreason’s NDE, and Mellen-Thomas Benedict’s NDE.

Here is a worthwhile writing about “the meaning of life” as articulated by NDE’er Dr. Eben Alexander: Dr. Eben Alexander Meaning of Life Blog Post

Scientific Research on Psi Phenomena

Here is a link to over 100 peer-reviewed scientific studies demonstrating the effect of consciousness on the physical world (“psi phenomena”): Psi Research Studies- Dean Radin’s Website

Princeton (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Institute or “PEAR” Labs) performed over 25 years of rigorous scientific research on “psi effects” and concluded the odds were over 1-billion-to-1 that consciousness does affect the material world: PEAR Labs Publications