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My name is Christian, and I’d like to extend a very warm welcome to you!

My intention with this blog is to provide short, bite-sized contemplations for the purpose of encouraging your spiritual walk- whatever that may be. There are no specific beliefs or dogmas required here- simply a desire to reach beyond the physical experience you are now having.

Fundamentally we are conscious beings. Our truest essence is one of love and freedom! While we are here in the physical we have the very unique opportunity to experience a universe of constraints- oftentimes, very challenging ones. It is my hope to remind you of your freedom and of the divine Love that transcends all things so that you may make better use of your own constraints and live a fuller life.

Thank you for lending your precious attention. Though I cannot see you, that which is divine in me honors that which is divine in you!

What This Blog Is: A place to simply consider new spiritual perspectives that may help us better understand and utilize our current experience. There are no strings attached- no beliefs are required. Both open-mindedness and skepticism are encouraged.

What This Blog Is Not: This site is NOT with the intention to uphold or push down any specific ideology or belief system. Just come as you are!


Tom Campbell

I highly recommend the work of physicist Tom Campbell to any who are interested in intellectually understanding their place in the “Larger Consciousness System” and how/why physical reality exists for us. For instance, the following lecture series: Tom Campbell Spain Lecture and Tom Campbell Calgary MBT Introduction

Tom Campbell’s entire “My Big TOE” (Theory of Everything) book trilogy is available free at: Tom Campbell’s My Big TOE Book Trilogy

Wise Teachers

Channeled Sources


Near Death Experiences

Near Death Experience accounts are great “spiritual field research” reading. Thousands are available at: Near Death Experience Research Foundation and some video accounts are available on YouTube. Excellent examples include: Amphianda’s NDE, Amy Call’s NDE, Christian Andreason’s NDE, and Mellen-Thomas Benedict’s NDE.

Here is a worthwhile writing about “the meaning of life” as articulated by NDE’er Dr. Eben Alexander: Dr. Eben Alexander Meaning of Life Blog Post

Scientific Research on Psi Phenomena

Here is a link to over 100 peer-reviewed scientific studies demonstrating the effect of consciousness on the physical world (“psi phenomena”): Psi Research Studies- Dean Radin’s Website

Princeton (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Institute or “PEAR” Labs) performed over 25 years of rigorous scientific research on “psi effects” and concluded the odds were over 1-billion-to-1 that consciousness does affect the material world: PEAR Labs Publications